JARN technology leadership and software development

We help technology startups and tech teams succeed. We build software, teams and companies. We can

  • build your MVP or product
  • help you align strategy, technology, business plans and roadmaps
  • build your tech team
  • get failed projects back on track


Strategy and roadmap

We work with your team to map your visions and how to match these with technology and markets on a strategic level.

Software product development

Need help building your MVP? Creating a rock-solid foundation for your software project

Management for hire

Need a CTO or CEO temporarily or long-term? To scale up your tech teams or guide through a challenging transition?

Create and train your tech team

We can train your team to establish sound agile processes for design, testing, development and release.

Technology due dilligence

We provide excellent technical due diligence, uncovering risks and potential dangers in software projects.

Local team lead for a remote tech team

We can be your local team lead for a remote outsourced or nearshored development team, providing you with the tech-knowhow to stay in control.

We are here to help

We can operate as a development team, as consultants, advisors, and sparring partners, or extend your existing team. Each of us has built software for more than 20 years.

Previous happy customers and software products we have built

We have built amazing products and companies before. We understand your challenges and have the experience to fix them. Here are some of our earlier happy clients, employers, and examples of products we have built.

Crypho AS

We founded a technology startup and built an end-to-end encrypted messaging platform for the health sector, police and armed forces.


We built Plone, an amazing enterprise web content management system and one of the worlds 2% largest open source projects.

Oslo University Hospital

Yiorgis led the technology team at the department of Medical Genetics building software tools to assist in diagnosing rare diseases.

Oslo police district

We implemented a highly secure operational encrypted communication system for use on mobile devices.

Telemark Hospital

We made it possible for the hospital to communicate with thousands of patients while still maintaining compliance with legislation regarding security of sensitive medical information

Mozilla (Firefox)

Alex led the UX team for the Firefox browser

WeTriba / Tribaspace

Built a SaaS marketplace for the German fashion industry, connecting creators with distribution.

European Network and Information Security Agency ENISA

We replaced their static web portal with a custom CMS

Deloitte Digital UK

We trained Deloitte's software development teams in testing methodology and test driven development

Dixons / Elkjøp

Implemented a set of connected intranets for the chains of stores in the Nordic and central Europe.


Alex was head of product at Highfive, designing the best videoconferencing solutions in the world.

The Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Counci

We built the multilingual portal norden.org that fosters collaboration and cooperation between the Nordic countries

Nokia / QT

We developed the developer community portal for the QT framework for Nokia

Open Society Foundation

We built a global Intranet for the Open Society Foundation

Library of Congress

We built a custom software for managing translations between multiple languages.

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